Air-Rifle Shooting is carried out on an indoor enclosed range. Suitable for 8 years upwards. 4 Air-rifles, pellets and targets are provided. One instructor is required for a group of up to 12 people per session. Instructors must have the NSRA Youth Proficiency Certificate. One additional adult from your group is needed to supervise the children not engaged on the activity. Written parental consent under Section 21 of the Firearms Act is required for each session/camp. .

Do I need qualifications?
When instructing your own group, a qualification/authorisation or training is required

Are instructors available?

If you require a site instructor, we will send out a request for one. Our instructors work on a voluntary basis and will need to be pre-booked with plenty of notice.

Maximum number of 12 per hour

Prices can be found on our Price List